Saturday, October 17

Long time no --- entry?

So I realize that it has been quite a while since I had an entry on my blog, and I decided to fix that ;) I try to keep up on stuff, but it's all getting away from me. School is crazy busy, and I'm involved in a lot, so I stay on my toes. Right now is Fall Break, so I'm chilling at home. It's nice to get to come home once in a while ;) I like my family. I also got to make chocolate chip cookies today, and Honey-Oh Bars. :D That's exciting. I get to take them with me back to school.

My piano recital is coming up soon....and I haven't practiced over break very much. Oops. Dr. Keck will read me the riot act :P But I got to relax this weekend.... And see lots of friends. In that sense it was worth it. In the sense that my lesson on Monday will be rotten, not so much worth it. But I did pass my hearing for the recital just before leaving on Fall Break.

Oh, and when we go back to school, we get to start singing Christmas music for our Festival of Christmas extravaganza!!! I'm really really really really really excited ;) because Christmas music is the bomb, and we get to do choreography and act really cheesy.

So anyway, that's my life right now! I'll try and post more often now....