Monday, August 25

A Few Missed Mondays

Well, I think I've set a record with missing more Mondays than Mondays I posted on...

Shameful. Just shameful.

Sorry about that, ya'll. I realized that Monday is not my best day. I started missing postdays around the time that I took a 2-week trip back to Texas. (The trip was fantastic, I just never remembered to post). Between a wedding, seeing family, and hanging out with friends, I didn't give myself enough time to write or post any blog posts. Once I got back, I felt the desperate need to carve out a full, uninterrupted weekend with my darling husband, so once again, no blog post. (Also, I missed my second flight and an entire day of being back with him, so this was important guys!). Then this past weekend (yesterday and Saturday), we drove to Kansas City to visit my parents and brother, had kid's Sunday School to assist with, and a churchwide BBQ and baptism at the lake to attend. This has all been wonderful, but Monday is definitely not a good posting day for me.

With hubs working a "regular" full-time job, I always try to do my best to reserve the evenings and weekends for him. Some nights all we do is sit next to each other while Pinteresting and playing computer games, but that is still time together. Weekends are even more important as we get 2 uninterrupted full days together. I can never seem to get the motivation to write my posts during the weekend and take time away from my husband, nor can I ever remember to actually write the posts BEFORE the weekend. All that to say that blog posts will come on Thursdays from now on and we will see how that goes! (Sorry, I'm not sure right now if there will be a blog post this Thursday or if it will wait until next week)

Because that's all I really have to say today, I decided to share an article from another blogger, Jolene Engle, who keeps the blog "The Alabaster Jar". This is a blog post from May 26 of last year, but it is a good one! I hope you enjoy! (Please follow the link below to read)