Saturday, October 17

Long time no --- entry?

So I realize that it has been quite a while since I had an entry on my blog, and I decided to fix that ;) I try to keep up on stuff, but it's all getting away from me. School is crazy busy, and I'm involved in a lot, so I stay on my toes. Right now is Fall Break, so I'm chilling at home. It's nice to get to come home once in a while ;) I like my family. I also got to make chocolate chip cookies today, and Honey-Oh Bars. :D That's exciting. I get to take them with me back to school.

My piano recital is coming up soon....and I haven't practiced over break very much. Oops. Dr. Keck will read me the riot act :P But I got to relax this weekend.... And see lots of friends. In that sense it was worth it. In the sense that my lesson on Monday will be rotten, not so much worth it. But I did pass my hearing for the recital just before leaving on Fall Break.

Oh, and when we go back to school, we get to start singing Christmas music for our Festival of Christmas extravaganza!!! I'm really really really really really excited ;) because Christmas music is the bomb, and we get to do choreography and act really cheesy.

So anyway, that's my life right now! I'll try and post more often now....

Saturday, May 16


How do I manage to get sick so much? I have been home just over a week, and I have contracted something else!> In this one, I have trouble swallowing. My tonsils are so swollen, I talk funny (like a man) and have trouble eating because of swallowing. I almost choked on dinner twice tonight. I hate this. I must have the poorest immune system of a normally healthy person in the world...

Thursday, May 7



And I got an A in piano, and my teacher instead of 2 credit hours, they are awarding me 3 piano credit hours! ! I'm pumped! And she assigned me my Sophomore Recital music....Bach, Beethoven, and BRAHMS, oh my! But I'm soooooo excited! I'm on cloud nine, and ten, and twenty-four, and fifty-two! I'm delirious with happiness right now, and I'm about to place the order for my sheet music. This will be a FANTASTIC summer! I hope joy is contagious, because I'm going to infect the WHOLE WORLD!

I LOVE MY LIFE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 21

Quick Post

I haven't much time right now (homework and all), so this is brief....

I am still alive!!!

Hard to believe, what with finals and juries, but it is true. I'm breathing. Sort of living. Ready to be done! But that doesn't come for about two more weeks. It's a good thing that it isn't any longer, because I would go insane!!

Anyway, that's all for now. Good night all!

Friday, April 10


Last night a massive storm system passed over my hometown. Because it is Easter weekend, a friend and I drove home from my school in Arkansas. This large storm system split into two also big cells that quickly developed into equally large storm systems. One of those systems traveled east, just to the north of the town I live in, and actually hitting the north side of town. The second system traveled northeast, then shifted to northwest, hitting my college and the town where several of my good friends live. My house didn't receive any hail damage, just heavy winds and rain, but my brother's house did get hail, though no substantial damage. I don't know how Hot Springs and Arkadelphia fared. Please pray for my friends and the school that they are all safe and that God protected them last night.

Friday, April 3

Oops! ;)

Hello Friends, Followers, and Fans!

Sorry to have left you all waiting for another post for so long. College life is quite hectic. In fact, it's downright crazy. I have been so busy this week. I pulled an all-nighter, and was up very late just about every night this week. Hopefully I can post something a little more often.

So, it's finally the weekend! I'm very excited. Tomorrow morning I'll be working at Tiger Serve Day. My fraternity is singing at nursing homes and things like that. Then I have usual. And, if I'm lucky, I'll be done in time to have some peeps over for open dorm night.

I went to guy's open dorm night tonight. We watched Dr. Horrible's Sing a Long Blog. Ya. It's interesting. The music is alright. I don't know what I think about the plot. It was sad, and pretty unexpected for such a light video. Anyway, I think I liked it, but I'll have to think about it more.

SO, that's enough for now, because I want to go to bed. Good night all! Until our next meeting...

P.S. points to who guesses the movie quote and character.

Saturday, March 28

Progress....or is it?

Just a simple thought today, maybe more tomorrow.

If Pro is the opposite of Con, what is the opposite of Progress?

You just ponder that one for a while and see what you come up with.

Friday, March 27


Here is another funny pic that you ought to look at. By the way, this whole site is incredibly funny and never inappropriate(at least that I've seen)!

Enjoy it!

Thursday, March 26


This is absolutely hilarious

Bill Cosby's 'Dentists'

March 26, 2009

Sooo, yesterday was my birthday. In case you didn't know. And I turned 19!! Yay for 19! So, that's exciting, I guess. We're celebrating tonight. My mom made me lasagna and I think they got a cake. But, this weekend they took me to the King Tut display at the Dallas Museum of Art, and that was SO amazing! And I don't think that I need anything else for my birthday. But, they think that I'm entitled to presents or something, so I told them what I thought, but they are insisting. My brithday doesn't seem as important anymore for some reason. And less than normal seems more than adequate. But, I'm excited that my family cares for me anyway.

I got to go see a good friend today ;) I love seeing friends. So I hanged out at LeTu for the morning. And really enjoyed it. Immensely. And I get to see another friend at the library.

And since I really have nothing else to say, I'll leave you with this amusing interaction.

Otis: I just can't do it anymore!

Freddie: (Grabs The Chicken) Snap out of it! (SLAP) Pull yourself together man!! (SLAP SLAP SLAP) I don't care whatchya say! (SLAP) Snap out of it!

The Chicken: Shouldn't you be slapping Otis?

Freddie: Nah. He's much too big.

Wednesday, March 25

First Post!

This is my first post in my new blog! Sorry to my follower(s) out there - for not giving any warning that I was shutting down the first blog, but there was some baggage I needed to loose with it. This blog will be slightly different. I'm just going to post really random stuff on here - whatever I'm thinking of at the time. Hopefully I can post every day, but you know how long that resolution usually lasts. Anyway, be prepared to see just about anything on here.

To start off today's randomness, here's a link to an amusing/ interesting video from YouTube. Don't hurt me if you think it's stupid, lol.

Hope you like it. See you all tomorrow!