Monday, May 31

Here comes the next post and the last post of the month of May!!!! We're coming to summer :-)

I have to say: I have a love/hate relationship with Summer. We're great buddies when it comes to getting out of school and being able to relax a little bit. I'm down with the whole full-time job too. Summer and I start fighting when two online classes get through in, practicing for an upcoming 25 minute solo piano recital, being actively involved in my church college program, social life, pursuing a significant friendship, and the many other things that I try to get done while there isn't a school semester to fight.

So here's the question: How can I stay balanced with so many things that I want to do? More importantly, how in the world can I stay actively focused on God and growing in my relationship with Him?

I am so easily distracted. I bounce from one thing to the next almost instantly. I did this as a child. I'd start playing with barbies, and ten minutes later want to color. Then after fifteen more minutes, I'd hunt down my brothers to play with their legos. And so on. The same is true of me today only on a longer time-span. I start something and then get bored with it and want to switch to something else. Yeah, I do have a lot of things that I'm interested in and I am seldom bored for long periods of time, but I never get anything done. It's a wonder that I have stuck with piano as long as I have. Honestly, if I evaluated my life, you would definitely think that piano is more important to me than my relationship with God.

Let's be serious. It is. I can say in my mind or to other people as much as I want that God is way more valuable to me than piano is. But look at the facts! I live my life as if piano is the most important thing to me. At school, that's almost necessary. At least, it is a different situation than the summer. But now it is summer and I have to find a way to pursue a love-struck relationship with God while still practicing piano.

Tomorrow is my first day of work and the first day of one of my classes. The struggle will begin. I have a lot on my plate for one day. Work, quiz, piano, musical (I'll try and talk about that another time), Bible Study, work-out, making dinner, etc. It's just hard to fit all of that in to one 16 hour day. And no, I can't stay up late. I'm one of those people that absolutely has to have 8 hours of sleep.

Tomorrow is also the first day of my new Bible Study. I'm going to use the Inductive Bible Study Method to work through the book of John. I'm also going to resurrect my prayer journal. I need to do a lot of praying.

So that's my plan of attack. Get up early and get into God's Word first thing so that I can think about it all day long. Pray for me as I struggle against myself. My Victory is in Christ and I have faith that He will win for me. He has already won for me!

Now, if you will excuse me, it's past ten, and I still have some crunches and push-ups to do before I get to read "The Case for the Real Jesus" by Lee Strobel and then hit the hay. Have a wonderful week and Happy Memorial Day! May God bless and protect the men and women fighting for our country!

Saturday, May 29

Welcome Back

So I started thinking the other day about making a vlog. I thought that it would be a lot of fun and that I would be able to put forth a lot of my ideas and be able to maybe influence some people. I don't know, I just thought that it would be really fun.

Then I realized that it was going to take up a lot of time and a lot of effort. This summer I won't have very much extra time with working full-time, taking two summer classes, and practicing for my Junior Recital. So then I fell back to this blog and asked myself these questions: Why wasn't I posting on my blog? Why did I want to start a v-log when I couldn't keep up with my first blog.

A few weeks after that, I answered my own question. I didn't want to work on my blog because I wanted to have an audience. A built-in audience. Someone to read my blog. Something that I didn't have then, and don't really have now.

Then I discovered something else. Sudden Inspiration! Maybe, just maybe I ought to post some, and then people will actually read my blog. Wow! What a thought!

So I shall persevere in my blog and post. At least, as much as I can post. And hope that people will read me. So, read! yay!

That is all. My agents need me now, so I have to go.