Tuesday, January 11

Unintentional Growth Spurt

No, I'm not a 9-year old boy who wakes up on Tuesday morning to find that Monday's pj's are 3 inches too short.

Nor am I a 16-year old who realizes they just finished an entire box of cookies, three bananas, a bowl of cereal and still wants eggs and bacon to feed their growth.

I am a 20-year old that just realized that my emotional and relational life is going through an unexpected growth spurt.

At the beginning of my winter break from school, I had a long and satisfying conversation with a person that I had been interested in, but decided to not pursue a relationship with that person because I didn't feel it was the right time. Because we decided to not rush into something, we are better friends for it, and there are no hard or awkward feelings between us. I consider that person to be one of my closest friends.

At the same time, I grow closer to some other people and realize that I am mature and capable enough to handle those relationships, based on my experience earlier this break. That is a very satisfying feeling. I almost believe that I can trust myself not to ruin another friendship or potential relationship. And also it is a more satisfying friendship because I'm not putting pressure on myself to not screw things up.

All in all, I think maybe I'm growing up.