Thursday, November 20

A Look Around

Well, here we are again. Of course, I have great excuses for why I haven't posted the last 3 weeks. Actually, make that 2 weeks. I can't justify one of those! 3 weeks ago, I embarked on a solo road trip to Texas for my older brother's wedding (which took place on Nov. 1). I wanted to be there early so I could help out and have a chance to hang out with some friends that I don't get to see very often at all anymore. I also wanted to stay late to help my mom out with watching my nieces the week following the wedding. Hubby was able to fly in for the wedding, but just barely. He made it Thursday night and flew out Sunday morning. All that to say, I was gone for those 2 Thursdays and concentrating on family matters. However, the week after I got back, I have no excuse. I really just didn't have anything to say. Now I'm getting back into things and it's high time to pay attention to this blog again!

I'm sitting on the futon in our living room and looking around. There's extra coats on the rack, chocolate just about everywhere, a couple extra laptops, presents wrapped and sitting by the fireplace, and a cup of hot coffee next to me. I love the clues that these items bring as to what's going on in our lives. The hubster's parents flew in Tuesday night and a staying with us for Thanksgiving. It's such a joy to have them here and share our home. Mom's sage cooking advice in the kitchen and Dad's savvy tech and theology wisdom are a welcome addition to our household. I love having company during the day while Hubs is at work. The apartment has a tendency to get rather quiet, and after the mini tornadoes (my nieces) of a couple weeks ago, I was craving the noise.

Odd, isn't it? That someone could crave noise. I think I just craved the feeling that the apartment was "lived-in". Right now Mom is getting ready in the bedroom and Dad is putting up his breakfast things. They aren't talking right now, but they are here. I get more lonely up here than I realize.

And then there are the clues of what is to come. Presents wrapped for our Christmas celebration together before they have to fly home. More presents for the Christmas we will celebrate in Texas with my folks. Still more presents (with different wrapping paper) for my younger brother's birthday. The holiday's are my favorite time of year because of the people I love. I love getting to see family, I love sharing time together, the feeling of close-knit camaraderie. Playing games and watching Netflix with the in-laws, reminiscing about our childhood with my brothers, snuggling up with some hot cocoa, a blanket, and my hubby, working on puzzles and crafts with my mom. This is the best time of the year because it's the time with family.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours this coming week. Spend time with family or friends. Enjoy old traditions or forge new exciting adventures. Remember to be thankful. Slow down and enjoy the view.

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